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Cahaba Snake
: $36.00

Use the Cahaba Snake Trap - Large at your home, lawn, flower beds, just about anywhere you have snakes you can place the trap. Also effective at catching lizards, rodents, insects, and spiders.

Snake Out® Biodegradable
: $29.95

Snake Out® can be used anywhere you don’t want snakes to be or anyplace snakes are a problem. You can apply it to repel snakes around homes, yards, landscaping, gardens, foundations, barns & outbuilding. Snake Out® can be used in areas where children and pets play.

SNAKE STOPPER™ Snake Repellent RTS (Ready to Use)
: $15.50

Bonide® SNAKE STOPPER™ Snake Repellent RTS effectively repels snakes from around your home. Apply around homes, garages, barns, swimming pools, gardens, sheds, woodpiles, and other areas where snakes may be a problem. May be used in areas where children and pets play.

: $14.95

Snake-A-Way® starts working immediately after application. It works by temporarily disrupting the snake's sensory receptors (Jacobson's Organ) which causes disorientation and the snake to slither away unharmed, in search of fresh air.
Snake-A-Way® is very easy to apply, wearing gloves, simply apply the granules to the perimeter of the area you want to protect. The time release formula gives you long-lasting protection.

PRO Glue Board for Rats, Insects, and Snakes
: $3.50

Professional Strength Rat Size Glue Board are made with the best adhesive formula available. Pre-baited to attract rats (including Norway Rats and Roof Rats), mice, insects, and snakes. Perforated fold on both sides allows use with dust cover.