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Beetle Bagger
: $12.50

Great for luring Japanese Beetles, this trap attracts beetles by using a floral/pheromone system that covers 5000 sq. ft.

Viper Insecticide Concentrate
: $18.95

Viper Insecticide Concentrate the "CLEAN OUT" in insect control! Kills them quickly and provide long lasting effective insect control. Viper Insecticide Concentrate contains cypermethrin (compares to Demon Max) for super fast knockdown. Viper Insecticide Concentrate is an excellent all around spray providing fast knockdown and kill of many nuisance pests and is perfect for initial use of maintenance applications.

Martin's Vegetable Plus
: $18.95

That kills troublesome outdoor insects which destroy lawns, roses, flowers, trees and shrubs, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Provides contact and residual control for up to 4 weeks. Kills over 100 named insect pests and multi-purpose, broad spectrum insecticide.

TimBor Professional
: $19.95

TimBor Professional is an insecticide, fungicide and wood preservative for the protection and treatment of lumber against fungal decay and wood destroying organisms including: Termites, Beetles, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees. Timbor can be used as a Dust, Liquid, or Foam.

Bonide Caterpillar Killer Ready To Use
: $28.95

Caterpillar Killer comes in a convenient ready to spray bottle and features the new "Twist & Shoot" adjustable hose end sprayer delivers a 25 foot "tall tree" spray as well as a gentle spray for low shrubs and bushes. This solution kills on contact and repels for up to 8 weeks. Controls bagworms, stink bugs, tent caterpillars, gypsy moth caterpillars, budworms, oak worms, cankerworms, fall webworms, and more.

: $29.95

TALSTAR® PROFESSIONAL INSECTICIDE achieves long-lasting control of over 75 pests, including ants, termites, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, fleas and ticks. And with its flexible label, Talstar Professional is approved in multiple use-sites, so you can use it almost anywhere: indoors and out, in industrial, commercial and food-handling areas. Talstar can last up to 3 months.

Conquer - Pint
: $39.99

Conquer is a great multi-pest insecticide offering a lasting residual and no odor. This product may be used indoors and outdoors to eliminate insect intruders.

Stryker Insecticide Concentrate
: $54.99

Stryker® is a multi-purpose concentrate insecticide. For a fast KNOCKDOWN and efficient control of insect pests. Stryker can be mixed with other insecticides or insect growth regulators to enhance its effectiveness. Wide area adult mosquito control. Use in and around residential buildings and structures, ornamentals, bushes, flowers, fruit and nut trees, shade trees, vegetables, roses, directly on animals and other livestock.

Nibor-D Insecticide
: $75.00

The active ingredient in Nibor-D contain boron molecules. Nibor D, in effect the targeted insects starve to death. Nibor-D can be used as a dust, foam or mixed as a liquid, even in a liquid mop solution. Broad spectrum insecticide and fungicide. Indoor/outdoor use.

Alpine WSG (Water Soluble Granule)
: $82.99

Alpine WSG is effective against a wide range of common insects such as brown marmorated stink bugs, kudzu bugs, ants, fleas, bed bugs, house flies, and German cockroaches. Alpine WSG has residual acitivity of 30 to 60 days for most applications. Leaves no stain. Odorless. Once mixed, it stays suspended and won't clog equipment.